Bioconst scientists, led by Professor Mark Tester, are conducting research to develop ranges of plants that emit light. The initial aim of the Company is to develop plants that fluoresce brightly and beautifully when exposed to ultra-violet light emitted by Bioconst's customised illumination device.

The effects are remarkable, with the fluorescence adding splendour to beauty.

Bioconst also aims to develop luminescent plants, which will emit light without the need for any external illumination. These plants will be used for lighting in a range of environments, reducing the use of electricity and thus help our planet for future generations.

Bioconst is proud to announce that the launch of the company's first product, Galassia Flowers, occured in Adelaide on 1 February 2012. Bioconst entered the global market on this day with illumination devices and fluorescent flowers. Orders for these first products can now be made.

These first products have been developed using non-GM technologies. In the coming years, the company anticipates marketing Stage 2 - GM fluorescent plants - and then Stage 3, luminescent plants. We have obtained support for some of this work from BioInnovation SA. You can see some of this described in this Channel 9 News article, broadcast on 7 July 2012.

South Australia's premier busness networking organisation, GOLDNetwork has just posted an article about our innovative work on their website. Read more here:

Please visit our Galassia website for more information about our first generation products, which you can now purchase.


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